About Us


Martz chassis has always been a family owned and operated business, which has been a leader in chassis design and fabrication. We have been servicing the automotive aftermarket with performance suspension systems since 1970. We recognize that no two car owners are alike, so there are no cookie cutter suspensions here. Every suspension is hand built for your specific needs. Whether that be for drag, drift or the street; our crew can provide you with a suspension package that will make your car perform just like you dreamed.
Our suspensions are 100% American made. Nothing we make is outsourced, that is to say no part of the suspension is ordered from overseas. We buy the steel locally and fabricate the suspension including the spindles, 4 link bars, etc. in house.
The crew at Martz Chassis can install every front and rear, as well as every other product we sell, at our garage. We can also provide detailed installation instruction for each of our products and you are always encouraged to call or email one of the Martz Chassis crew members if you have installations questions. We do not however, offer powder coating services in house.
Our goal is to help you build the finest and fastest rides, and with one of our suspensions we hope to give you the best handling and performance you could ever dream. The people you speak with on the phone are the same people who will be building suspension, so call us today to place an order!