1965-68 & 1969-70 Mustang Suspension Systems

1965-68 & 1969-70 Mustang Suspension Systems

Mustang Front Suspension

Martz Chassis offers a superior replacement system for your stock Mustang suspension. The Martz Chassis Designed Mustang Independent Front Suspension System is a weld in unit that will provide you with the handling and performance that you’ve always wanted.


 We also offer a weld in 4-link unit. This rear kit enables you to “mini-tub” your Mustang to allow for wider tires. This unit welds on the inside of the existing frame rails, a somewhat unique feature compared to other products available for your Mustang. This will allow you to utilize the entire wheel well space from the fender lip to the outside of your frame!
stang rear


Mustang Independent front suspension system $3050°°
* Martz Coil overs
* Brakes- 11″ OEM Kit
* Rack & pinion steering, power or manual
* Crossmember
*Wilwood Disc Brake Upgrade starting at 650°°
* Wilwood 12” 4 piston upgrade 140-9918 D   $650°°
* Adjustable shocks starting at     $240°°
* Steering ujoint kits starting at     $225°°
* Sway Bar 325°°
  Mustang 4-link rear suspension system $1340°°
* Front and read crossmember
* Entire 4-link suspension
* Martz Coil overs
* QA1 adjustable coil overs starting at     $240°°
* Tubular Rear Sway Bar Kit  $325°°
* Standard with urethane bushings.
*Competition rod ends are also available     $264°°
Mustang All Aluminum Inner Panels, Core Support, and Radiator

Alluminum Inner Panels $300°°

Aluminum Core Support $300°°

Aluminum Radiator  $345°°
Aluminum Radiator Duel Fans with Shrouder $650.00
C&S Performance 1970 Boss Mustang
This 1970 Boss Mustang is owned by Tim Albers and was built by C&S Performance out of Plano, TX utilizing the Martz Chassis Idenpendent Front Suspension System and the Martz Chassis 4-Link Mini-tub kit. Click on the picture to visit their site.
This car was also named Best in America Muscle at the 2009 Sema show!
Best in America Muscle at the 2009 Sema show
Remember, here at Martz Chassis we are a FULL SERVICE shop! We not only can customize your suspension to specifically meet your need, but we also install what we sell!