Chrysler A-Body Front Suspension Installation

1.Before any cutting was done, the car was leveled on jack stands and the front frame was braced to keep it level with the body.
abody1 abody2

2. Remove original front suspension.

Trim the inner panels to remove suspension mounts.

A frame cut out pattern is provided to measure for the frame cut out section.


3. Use a sawsall to remove the original frame section


4. Put the new frame section in place and install the two original K member bolts

Clamp the new frame in place and weld it to the original chassis, Sand the welds smooth before intalling the frame support plates so they have a flush finish



5. After smoothing the welds, clamp the furnished frame support plates in place for final welding.

6. We made new sheet metal panelsĀ  and welded them into place to support the inner panels.


7. We like to center our engine locationin the chassis. A rear sump oil pan is also needed.

big block mopar pan
# DCC-5249064

Due to the range and location of the original engine mounts, no engine mounts are included.

Follow our front suspension check list sheet for installling the front suspension parts. All bolts, spacers and alignment specs are located there.