Frequently Asked Questions

Martz Chassis FAQ
General FAQ
Q. Do you have products in stock?
A. No. We fabricate each suspension system to order. We may have certain parts in stock, but we custom fit each and every suspension system to the exact specifications of the customer.
Q. Can I use my stock suspension parts on the Martz Chassis Frames?
A. No.  Here at Martz Chassis INC., we fabricate our own suspension parts: the frame and suspension are fabricated to work together.
Q. Does Martz Chassis use Mustang II suspension parts?
A. No. Our suspension is of our own design. We fabricate our own suspension parts according to our own geometry, not that of the Mustang II.
Q. I already have a brake setup. Will my brakes work with your suspension?
A. We fabricate our own spindles, therefore it may be possible to use your current brake set up. Andy will need to know specifically what brake kit you have as well as bearing and seal numbers to make sure he can match them up. He may have to have one side of your brakes here to custom mount.
Q. Can you install your products on my car?
A. Yes. Every front end that we fabricate here at Martz Chassis INC., we have installed at our facilities. We can provide full installation of our own products. However, we do not offer painting or powder coating in house.
Q.  Is there a need for DOT Approval of your products?
A. DOT does not approve any motor vehicles or motor vehicle equipment items as complying with all applicable FMVSS. NHSTA/DOT has assured us that anything stating it is DOT Certified is merely the manufacturer themselves stating that they have complied with the general safety guidelines. Any manufacturer can “claim” DOT certification, but it is not a true certification and the term should not be used. According to the NHSTA/DOT there actually is no such thing as DOT approval on vehicle equipment.
In addition to the following information that they provide on their website www.nhtsa.dot.gov you can also view www.nhtsa.dot.gov/cars/rules/import/FMVSS/ to see the actual guidelines for vehicle safety. The only part of our suspension system that requires any sort of federal certification is indeed the brake hoses.
“…as a matter of law, there is no such thing as ‘D.O.T. approved parts.’ We [NHTSA] have no authority to approve or disapprove motor vehicles or equipment items.” 6/5/00, Frank Seales, Chief Counsel NHTSA.
“D.O.T. itself has no authority to ‘approve’ or ‘not approve’ any item of equipment and the phrase ‘D.O.T. approved’ has no meaning and should not be used.” 4/8/98, John Womack, Acting Chief Counsel NHTSA.
“The phrase ‘DOT/SAE approved’ should never be used. DOT does not have the authority to ‘approve’ or ‘disapprove’ motor vehicle equipment… ” 1/8/97 John Womack, Acting Chief Counsel NHTSA.
Camaro FAQ
Q. Can I use the vintage air on my Camaro with your subframe?
A.  Our engine placement is very close to the stock mounting position. The vintage air should not be an issue due to the fact that our sub-frame has added clearance over the stock unit.
Q. Will your Camaro sub-frame work on the Trans Am?
A. Yes, the frame would be the same thing as the Camaro, however we do not have jigs for the Pontiac motor mounts. If you would be using a Chevy engine, we can pre install the mounts, Pontiac we have no mounts at all, you would have to install them yourself. All the pricing would be the same.
Mustang FAQ
Q. Can I use my existing Mustang II suspension and just buy your frame?
A. No. We do not use the Mustang II suspension, our suspension is of our own design, and the frames are fabricated to work specifically with our suspension systems. We do not sell them separately.
Q. Will your Mustang inner panels and core support work on a Falcon?
A. The only inner panel patterns we have for Falcons are for the ’61-63. We do not have any for the ’64’s. With the 61-63’s we use the stock core support. The Mustang core and inners will not work with the Falcons, there are too many differences.
Chrysler A & B Body FAQ
Q. What is the A-body?
A. 1964-76 Valiant, 1964-69 Barracuda, 1970-76 Duster, 1972-76 Scamp, 1964-76 Dart, 1971-72 Demon, 1973-76 Dart Sport, 1969-76 Swinger
Q. What is a B-body?
A. 1965-69 Belvedere, 1965-74 Satellite, 1968-75 Roadrunner, 1970 Superbird, 1967-71 GTX, 1965-76 Coronet, 1968-71 Super Bee, 1966-77 Charger, 1969 Daytona, 1975-78 Fury, 1977-78 Monaco, 1978-79 Magnum, 1975-79 Cordoba, 1979 300
Q. Can you build other Chrysler suspension systems?
A. We can, but we do not have jigs for any other bodies. We would have to have the car here in house in order to do so.
53-62 Vette FAQ
Q. Will I need to cut my car up to install this frame?
A. You do not need to cut anything to install this frame. It is a direct bolt in unit.
Q. Is the rack & pinion included?
A. Yes, the rack & pinion is included in the pricing.
Q. What else will I need to convert to a rack & pinion steering on my Corvette?
A. You will need to custom install a steering u-joint kit to go from the steering column to the rack & pinion. You will probably need 3 u-joints.
Rear 4-link & mini tubbing FAQ
Q. Will I have to alter my rear frame to install your 4-link kit?
A. No. Our 4-link kit is designed to sit inside your existing frame rails. The only modification you will have to make will be to cut a small section out of the trunk to allow room for the coil over crossmember.
Q. Can I purchase wheel tubs from Martz Chassis?
A. We do not sell wheel tubs unless we are installing our 4-link suspension system on the car at the same time. We treat each vehicle as a custom application for best fitment.
Q. What size tires can I run if I install your 4-link mini tub kit?
A. We do not keep those measurements on file due to the fact that there are too many variables and it seems as if no two people want to run the same tire size. In order to determine the width of tire you will be able to use on your car, you can measure from the inside fender lip to the outside of the frame rails, then subtract 2″ for tire bulge on each side.
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