Martz Chassis Inc. Price List

Front Suspension:

Camaro Front Sub Frame   ’67-’69, ’70-’81, ’68-’74 Nova $3265.00
Nova Front Sub Frame        ’62-67 $3265.00
Mustang Front Sub Frame   ’65-’70 $3265.00
Chrysler A&B Bodies Front Sub Frame $3265.00
Corvette Sub Frame            ’53-’62 $3265.00
Street Rod IFS Sub Frame $3050.00
Chevy Sub Frame               ’55-’57 $3400.00
Torino $3265.00

*All come with Martz Coil-Overs / QA-1 Silver Springs*
*Less coil overs -$300.00*


Sway Bars 1″ Mustang, Camaro, and Nova Only $325.00
Steering U Joint Kit (2 U Joints, 1 Shaft) starting at $225.00


Wilwood 12″ 4 Piston Upgrade   140-8529 BD $650.00
Wilwood 13″ 6 Piston Upgrade   140-7019 BD $1540.00

Aluminum Inner Panels:

Mustang Aluminum Inner Panels $300.00
Mustang Aluminum Core Support $300.00
Mustang Aluminum Radiator  $345.00
Mustang Aluminum Radiator With Dual Fans – Shrouds $650.00
Nova Aluminum Inner Panels       ’62-’67 $300.00
Nova Aluminum Core Support     ’62-’67 $650.00
Nova Aluminum Radiator ’62-’67 $345.00
Nova Aluminum Radiator ’62-’67 With Dual Fans – Shroud $650.00
Camaro Core Support $800.00
Camaro Radiator w/ dual fans $950.00
Camaro Latch Filler Panel $100.00
Camaro Firewall Aluminum Cover $200.00
Camaro Inner Panels $300.00
Camaro Wheel Tubs $300.00
Camaro Wheel Tubs (with frame section) $340.00

Rear Suspension:

4-Link Rear Suspension with standard coil overs $1340.00
Mini-Tub Drag Adjustable 4-Link Kits $1740.00

4-Link Kits For:
’65-’70 Mustang, ’68-’74 Nova, ’67-’69&’70-’81 Camaro, Chrysler A&B Bodies, ’55-’57 Chevy


Competition Rod Ends Upgrade $464.00
1″ Tubular Sway Bar $325.00
Street Rod Parallel 4-Link w/ standard coil overs $768.00
Pro-Street/Drag Rear Clips Custom: Rear Priced Separately

  • Adjustable 4-Link
  • Competition Rod Ends Upgrade Additional


9″ Ford Housing New Custom Width with Moser Axle Brackets Installed $1200.00
Moser Nodular Iron Gear Assembly starting at $1425.00
Narrow Furnished Housing 9″ Ford starting at $200.00
9″ Ford Gear Assembly, Refurbished Case, New Internals with Posi (up to 500 HP) starting at $1200.00
Complete 9″ Ford Rear, Choice of Ratio, Custom Width, New Posi with Moser Axles, Bearings and Studs $2400.00

Coil Overs:

QA-1 Non Adjustable Coil-Overs Upgrade $240.00
QA-1 Single Adjustable Coil over Shocks Billet Aluminum Upgrade $240.00
QA-1 Double Adjustable Coil over Shocks Billet Aluminum Upgrade $480.00
QA-1 Silver Springs, pair $100.00

Additional Products: (Click the links for more information)

Custom Fuel Tanks $600-$800

C1 Corvette

1953-62 Corvette Suspension Systems $3265.00
4 Link Kit for a Ford Rear  
4 Link Kit for a GM Rear  
Column Clamp and U-Joint Adapter Kit $332.00
GM Rear Disc Kit $640.00
Motor and Transmission Mounts  
Steering and Brake Products  


1967-69 Camaro Trunk Panel $95.00
1967-69 & 1970-81 Camaro Suspension Systems $3265.00
1st & 2nd Gen. Mini-Tub Drag Kit  
Inner Panels, Core Support, and Radiator  
Wheel Tub Sets $375.00
Front Sway  
Rear Sway  


1955-57 Chevy Front $3400.00
1955-57 Chevy 4-Bar Kit $1340.00
1955-57 Chevy Front Suspension $3400.00


A Body Rear 4-Link Mini Tub Kit $1340.00
A & B Body Suspension System $3265.00


1960-63 Falcon 4-Link Mini Tub Kit $1340.00
Falcon Suspension Systems $3050.00


1965-68 & 1969-70 Suspension Systems $3265.00
1965-70 Inner Panels, Core Support, & Radiator  
Custom Fuel Tanks $650.00
Custom Fuel Tanks for Late Models  
Front Sway Bar  
Rear Sway Bar  
Rack and Pinion Power Steering Hoses  
Column Mounting Kit  


Suspension Systems $3265.00
1962-67 Nova Inner Panels, Core Support, & Radiator  
Front Sway Bar  
Rear Sway  
1962-67 Steering Column Mounting Kit, U-Joint Kit  


F-100 Sway Bar $325.00
Universal Suspension  


1968-70 Torino 4-Bar Kit $1340.00
Front Suspension Systems $3265.00

Front Independent Suspension

Anglia Suspension Systems $3050.00
Custom Front Frames  
Pro Street Trucks $3050.00
Street Rod Suspension Systems $3050.00
Front Suspension Assembly  

Full Chassis

Martz Chassis Anglia Chassis $4600.00
Martz Chassis Willys Chassis $4600.00
Martz Chassis 1932 Chevy Chassis  

If you do not see your application listed, give us a call. Chances are we’ve had one in our shop previously and will be able to help you. We also offer in house customized installation services.

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