1962-67 Nova Front Installation

1. Before removing the front, unbolt and cut the front core support. Cut as shown in the picture.


2. The original core support will bolt to the BACK SIDE of the two brackets on our front suspension. 


3. To use the original column on the 62-67 Nova, cut the column off as close to the steering box as possible.

4. Drill the two holes on the inside column cover plate to 1/16″. Install our plate and clamp to the end of the column. Pull the steering wheel and column shaft out of the column so you don’t cut any more of the shaft off. Saw the remaining end of the column off.



We have U-Joint kits for all GM columns

5. Re-install the column shaft and steering wheel. Put the bushing and bushing ring on the shaft and tack weld it to the column. Remove the bushing before final welding.

6. weld bushing ring to column


7. Install the column mounting kit. Push the column down on the spring in the column to lock set screw in the retainer ring. Leave clearance at steering wheel so the column does not rub.

8. Slide the U-Joint on to the shaft and drill a 1/4″ hole through the U-Joint and shaft. Insert the 1/4″ drift pin to the secure joint.

9. Install the U-Joint kit keeping the U-Joint in sequence, pin to pin. Tighten all U-Joint set screws. The splined shaft usually needs to be shortened. Leave at least 3/4″ of splined shaft inserted in the u-joint and then lock set screws.


10. Bolt your new suspension to the firewall and bolt the two hoop pipes to the firewall (finger tighten). Clamp the bottom hoop plates to the frame and weld the two tapped plates to the frame. Remove the two hoop pipes to install the inner panel kit.

11. Weld tapped plates.


12. Bolt the upper panel kit to the firewall and front core support.

13. Insert the aluminum Panel on the top of the upper steel panel and clamp them to the frame at the bottom. Trimming at the firewall is usually necessary because of the different amount of shims installed to align the fenders.


14. After the panels are pre-fit, you can screw or rivet the panels into place.


15. Bolt the front hoops in place last so they can be removed if necessary to finish your project.